The Next-Generation Murphy Control Panel

Automatic control, monitoring and regulation for your diesel-powered irrigation or industrial application.

The ML2000 is well-suited to a large range of electronically governed engines that support SAE J1939 CAN communications, and is equally compatible with mechanically governed engines when coupled with a range of sensors to monitor engine health.

Electronic Engine Options

The controller is able to monitor a rangeĀ  of parameters transmitted by the ECM and provide text descriptions for a wide range of common fault codes.
The controller is able to dictate desired engine speeds via TSC1 messaging and supports a range of engine and pump protection functions such as warm-up, cool-down and line-fill. It will also dynamically calculate and adjust engine speed in order to regulate a desired parameter (such as pump discharge pressure).
Interfacing with an electronic engine is often a simple procedure, but please be sure to contact us for information on you specific engine and requirements.


Mechanical Engine Options
The controller supports a large number of sensor inputs to monitor and protect common engine parameters and will protect the engine with fully-configurableĀ  safe operating ranges.
The two primary applications for mechanical engines are those which involve a fixed run-speed, and those which require variable run speed. Fortunately the ML2000 happily supports both, with the addition of a throttle actuator (the Murphy ATO3069) which provides all of the fine throttle control you would require for functions such as warm-up, cool-down, line-fill and parameter regulation.
Kits are available which include engine sensors and a basic loom which runs from the ML2000 controller to bare ends for customer up-fit. Variable speed kits also include the Murphy ATO3069 throttle actuator, a throttle cable and a powder-coated stand to mount the ML2000 and ATO3069 throttle actuator.

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