Kimax Cab

Kimax 1 - Cabin 1 x Air Sensor Input

Kimax is a cost-effective solution for almost all types of weighing. Get a quick overview of both truck and trailer weight – precision within 1-2 percent. Print a weighing slip. Register actual axle pressure in many ways.
The Kimax weighing system is engineered to fit your need perfectly. Kimax can be tailored for your new vehicle or your existing convoy of vehicles, regardless of product brand and age. It is all about precision and setting up a weighing system that works just right for your business. Every time. Always.

Air suspension
The classic, road-friendly suspension system. Pressure in the system pod is proportional with the weight on the axle. Weighing precision is best attained by using Kimax products with separate air inlet on both right and left air bellow on each axle.